Metro Exodus Download Full Game PC For Free

Metro Exodus Download Full Game PC For Free

Metro Exodus Download Full Game PC For Free

Metro Exodus Download PC is the first first-person shooter to be inspired by stories from Game 4A. In one of the most relentless games ever created, it combines exploration, horror, and survival with lethal combat and stealth. Venture into the expansive and non-linear Russian wilderness while following an enthralling narrative that spans the entire year, from spring to autumn and nuclear winter. You take on the persona of Artyom, a tough guy, and embark on a voyage. Initially, you find yourself in the subterranean tunnels of Moscow, but you get to leave that behind and discover post-apocalyptic Russia and Kazakhstan. However, in pursuit of a fresh start in the East, you, as Artyom, are now compelled to abandon the Metro and lead a band of Spartan Rangers on an epic, continent-spanning voyage through post-apocalyptic Russia.

4A Games’ epic, story-driven first-person shooter Metro Exodus combines survival horror and exploration with stealth and lethal combat in one of the most immersive game environments ever designed. The former Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan have been reduced to a post-apocalyptic wilderness where combat against hostile humans and mutants is mandatory. The player possesses an assortment of artisanal weapons at their discretion, which can be enhanced in design via the application of discovered materials and a crafting mechanism. The game incorporates sandbox areas interspersed with linear levels. In addition to weather and day-night cycles, the novel also features seasonal changes in settings. The narrative spans the course of one year within the game.

Metro Exodus Full Game Crack PC Full Version

Metro Exodus PC Download Highly Compressed is an epic first-person shooter that fuses exploration and survival horror with action and adventure to create one of the most completely realised video game worlds ever made. Approximately a few thousand individuals are still surviving amidst the debris of the Moscow Metro, twenty-five years after the catastrophic effects of nuclear war. In addition to civil strife, their lives have been tormented by noxious substances, mutant beings, and supernatural terrors. In pursuit of new beginnings in the East, it is your responsibility as Artyom to command a band of Spartan Rangers on an epic trek across post-apocalyptic Russia. Embark on an arid year-long expedition into the Russian wilderness, traversing the country’s nuclear winter while absorbing the sights and noises of the changing seasons.

For the purpose of assisting in the rescue operation, radio transmissions from Moscow’s Defence Command urge survivors to assemble at the “Ark,” a citadel situated atop Mount Yamantau. Miller posits that an emergence of the Russian government has occurred within the Ark. Depart from the deteriorating metro system of Moscow and embark on a journey across the continent through the post-apocalyptic wilderness of Russia. Spend an entire year immersed in a vast sandbox survival game in the finest Metro adventure of all time. As the Spartan Order approaches to reclaim the departing train, Artyom and Anna’s presence surprises and perplexes them. Miller concludes that the most dire consequence for the Spartans is to flee Moscow, notwithstanding the fact that Hansa intends to execute them all for possessing the truth.

Metro Exodus – Free Download PC Game (Full Version)

To prevent NATO from invading Moscow, the Russian government intended to block all communications and give the impression that nobody had survived a NATO attack. Metro Exodus, which continued Artyom’s voyage in the grandest Metro adventure to date, is based on the novel series by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Leaving via the Metro Fiveteen years following the conclusion of the nuclear war, a small number of evacuees remain entangled in the Moscow Tunnel, which lies beneath the debris. Our immediate focus will be on ensuring your satisfaction. Today, mobile phone hackers gained access to the video game Metro Exodus. The Metro Exodus game is currently available for free download and play by anyone. Exactly as intended, with no interruptions or delays. It launches and operates in the same manner as an authentic copy of the game.

Download and install the Metro Exodus For PC by adhering to the downloading and installing instructions for the torrent provided below. Russian Desert at a broad, non-linear stage and behold a captivating story that encompasses the entire year, from spring and summer to the depths of core winter. In an effort to survive, Metro Exodus Key confronted perilous elements, mutant creatures, and the flames of civil war. By presuming that the final light represented an adult, you have overlooked a critical juncture in the narrative. You will immediately recognise from the Title Page that this is no ordinary tube adventure. The IGG-Game The Exodus Metro Delightful of the subtleties of philosophy, IGG-Game aficionados may question who the good guys and bad guys in the game are; they are merely human constructs capable of rationally justifying their actions.

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Metro Exodus Download Full Game PC For Free

Top Features

  • The Aurora, a significantly altered steam locomotive, will transport you on an exhilarating journey alongside a handful of survivors as they seek a fresh start in the East.
  • Gain of experience In a captivating narrative, Sandbox Survival blends classic Metro gameplay with brand-new, enormous, non-linear stages.
  • In this gorgeous, hostile environment, the post-apocalyptic Russian tundra is brought to life by dynamic weather and breathtaking day-night cycles.
  • Engage in intense tactical combat against human and mutant foes by scavenging and manufacturing in the wild to customise your arsenal of handcrafted weapons.
  • Your companions’ destinies will be affected by each decision you make; not all of your coworkers will survive this voyage.
  • Whether it’s a flickering candle in the darkness, a ragged gasp as your gasmask freezes over, or the cry of a mutant on the night wind, Metro will engross and terrify you unlike any other game.

System Requirements:


  • An operating system and processor that are both 64 bits are required to operate this application.
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10.
  • 8 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5-4440 or comparable processor.
  • Graphics devices from GeForce GTX 670, GeForce GTX 1050, and AMD Radeon HD 7870 are available.
  • Access is granted to 59 GB of storage space for DirectX 11.
  • DirectX Acceptance Audio Card:

Highly recommended:

  • A 64-bit operating system and CPU are required.
  • Presently in operation is the subsequent operating system: Ten Windows
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-4770K or an equivalent model
  • There are 8 GB of RAM in total.
  • Graphics devices manufactured by GeForce GTX 1070, GeForce RTX 2060, and AMD RX VEGA 56 are supported.
  • DirectX version 12 is now available with 59 GB of storage space.
  • Hardware: A sound card that demonstrates DirectX compatibility

How To Download?

  • Obtain and extract the file to a convenient location (7zip or WinRAR).
  • It is possible to encode or mount the.iso file using UltraISO or Daemon.
  • Launch the setup.exe programme with the activation key.
  • The CODEX crack should be copied to the installation directory.
  • Time has come to perform!
  • Enjoy

Final Words

The subdivided first-person shooter Metro Exodus becomes progressively more linear over time. It has a few brief environments to explore and is considerably more open-minded than previous Metro games, but it is not a sandbox survival experience like, say, Fallout 4 – and it makes no attempt to be. Conversely, this is truly exceptional. With astounding results, Metro Exodus combines the survival elements and complex levels that have become synonymous with the Metro series with a dynamic environment that is both gorgeous and perilous. The following video evaluation illustrates its functionality.

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